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Handled lubrication for grain threshers before safety shielding for moving parts became legally mandatory.
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Governor adjustment was simpler when threshing power was supplied by steam. Fly-ball governor weights, Kept the engine speed constant in spite of their exposed position. The thresherman's pump oiler.
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It's largely a lost art today, but sighting across the flywheel is still the way to line up an engine with the thresher, above. On windy days, old timers jacked the front of the steamer side-ways, out of alignment, to compensate for the wind's push on a l
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The whirr of the engines and howl of saws plus the aroma of the fresh raw wood made the Lakefield Steam Days event a pleasant experience for the audience. the Sawyer Massey saws shingles while the old George White powers a lumber saw mill.
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1926 meets 1970 as the last Sawyer Massey steamer built passes a New Holland mower-conditioner, one of today's most popular haying machines.

Steam enthusiast Clarence Coons, a New Holland farm equipment
dealer at Lakefield, Ontario, has found a way to combine fun and
public service. Each summer he operates an event billed as
‘Lakefield Steam Days’ for the benefit of the Canadian
Cancer Society.

An excellent crowd turned out for this year’s event which
featured Sawyer Massey, George White and Reeves steamers belted to
a saw mill, a shingle mill and turn-of-the-century New Favorite
thresher. Antique automobile buffs from the Peterborough area
joined the show with their restored cars, and other participants
showed a Bell steamer, a Rumley Oil Pull, a Waterloo Boy and a
century-old hay wagon.

One of the engines displayed was the last Sawyer Massey built.
It was completed in 1926 but not sold until 1932 when it went for
$400 along with a one-year guarantee. Coons also displayed modern
farm machinery so folks could compare the old and new methods of
handling the tough work on the farm.

[We thank Jacob W. Wittmer, Employee Communications and
Community Relations Manager of Sperry – New Holland Co., New
Holland, Pennsylvania 17557 for sending us these pictures and
information and permission to print in our magazine.]

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