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Photo courtesy ALK Valley News.
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1/4 scale Case Model H combine, 12 ft. Waukesha engine, belonging to Allen Smith of Girard, Kansas.
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Dwight Rix, Tom and Lois Terning presenting Mahlon Giffin a photo at the annual exhibitors' dinner.
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Photo courtesy ALK Valley News
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Don Blecha of Wichita, KS, leaning on tire of his latest found treasure-an F-20 to be at 1987 Ternings show.
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Mr. and Mrs. ''Avery'' Sullivan are honored on their 50th anniversary at the Ternings show.
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1/4 scale 30-60 A & T belongs to Allen Smith of Girard, KS.

R.R. 3, Box 184 Valley Center, Kansas 67147

Photo courtesy ALK Valley News.

Kelly Chit-wood admiring his Uncle John’s
1/4 scale steam traction engine.

There is nothing quite as fascinating as seeing the world
through the eyes of a child. This applies to everything as well as
steam engines as illustrated in this photo of Kelly Chit-wood. His
expression seems to be one of awe and amazement. Kelly is the son
of David and Lynette Chit-wood of Haviland, Kansas. The quarter
scale Case model Kelly is admiring belongs to his Uncle, John
Chit-wood, of Conway Springs, Kansas. John was displaying this
model as well as his other pieces of fine workmanship this past
Labor Day weekend at Ternings annual show in Valley Center, Kansas.
John works hard during the winter months to produce his exhibits.
One can be assured that something spectacular will emerge from his
shop for display next year.

Tom and Lois Terning presenting a check to a Muscular Dystrophy
Foundation representative. Aaron Terning and Dan Hedrick are at
left. A percentage of the steam train ticket sales went to Muscular

Another fellow who does not have any idle time is Allen Smith of
Girard, Kansas. Allen and his wife display at several shows during
the year and his many models are always a big attraction.

Labor Day weekend 1986 dealt us fantastic weather and a
fantastic show. Several days before the show Kansas had one of its
summer rain storms. Things looked pretty bleak for a while.
However, through the efforts of more people than can be mentioned,
things were ready to go by opening day.

Since pictures speak louder than words, we would like to share
these photos with you of people and events that took part in the
show. The latest attraction for 1986 was a narrow gauge steam
locomotive that was in full operation during the three day show.
The DSM & W Line hauled many thousands of people. A percentage
of the ticket sales went to Muscular Dystrophy research. We were
happy to be a part of their telethon. If you are wondering what DSM
& W means well, you will just have to wait a few more month sit
will give you all something to think about.

1/4 scale Case Model H
combine, 12 ft. Waukesha engine, belonging to Allen Smith of
Girard, Kansas.

Allen Smith of Girard, Kansas.

Getting together and having a good time should be the goal of
everyone who exhibits and/or attends steam shows. Everyone seems to
have their favorite engine. Favorite engines are the topic of many
conversations and articles. Things would get pretty boring if only
one kind of steam engine was ever built. So, whether you prefer to
‘caress your Case’, ‘kuddle up to your Kitten’, go
‘rompin’ with your Russell’, or stand back and
‘admire your Avery’, just do it and have a great

See you Labor Day weekend, September 5, 6, 7,1987 at Valley
Center, Kansas.

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