Gettin Up Speed

By Staff
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I’m writing this for March-April issue but we are smack in
the middle of winter and don’t take that lightly. If this is an
‘Old Fashioned Winter’ I’ll settle for one not so
‘Old Fashioned’ The snow is piled on all sides. My knee
high boots have been worn every day since before Christmas and no
signs of putting them away yet.

Three days after Christmas my husband entered the hospital for
an operation and he thought he would be home within a week but the
stay lasted twelve days. I couldn’t convince him the snow was
so rough to get around in but now he knows.

Sorry to disappoint so many of you folks who sent for the
Aermotor books after our supply was gone. Mr. David Kelly,
Pinckney, Michigan sent for one and he believes this is the company
that built their windmill and it is still operating after 75

Mr. Earl Trout III sent for two books for his grandfather who
was recovering from major surgery. His grandfather, Earl L. Trout,
Sr., 712 Harrison, Love-land, Colorado 80537, is a long time
subscriber to Iron Men Album and is one of the ‘Old
Threshers’. For many years he was proprietor of E. L. Trout
Sawmill & Lumber yard in Fort Donelson, Iowa and his invention,
the portable sawmill, still carries his name to various Midwest
Fairs such as Midwest Old Settlers.

Can any of our readers help Mr. J. Hubert Knapp, Sr., Route 1,
Colville, Washington 99114, find Twin City decals for an old Twin
City Threshing separator? He has tried in vain and would appreciate
any help.

Last but not least, our friend, R. Dayton Nichols is looking for
a few items for his collection. He mentioned a Stove Pipe Hat and a
Cast Iron Implement seat with (it looks like Fir_ _ _) name cast in
seat. I know I need my glasses changed Dayton.

We have many interesting letters but space and time will not
permit all. Mr. Charles G. Dungan, Indianapolis, Indiana has been
an engineman for 44 years with New York Central. Quite a

I thought the following letter with information was something to
be proud of. ‘Gentlemen: I just want to let you know that I
enjoy reading Iron Men Album very much. I wouldn’t want to be
without it. I am 82 years young and have been in machinery all my
life threshing machines sawmills electric light plant Supt. and
what not. Repairing also. I carry first class Engineers Licenses. I
have had first class papers for 52 years. I have never attended one
of these big parties you have but intend to very soon. I also am in
the market for a good traction engine, one I can shape up myself. I
sold my Huber and been sorry ever since. Yours truly, Walter L.
Kattine, 435 Lincoln Ave., Georgetown, Ohio.’ Isn’t that

Must close and get busy on Uncle Sam’s work. I figure if I
make it through January I have it made for the rest of the year.
Until next time Cheerio.

If we all said to people’s faces what we say behind each
other’s backs, society would be impossible.

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