Gettin Up Speed

By Staff
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At this writing we are smack in the middle of summer and the
temperature are soaring and the lawns and gardens are thirsty for

To all you people who have had those terrific storms and
tornadoes my thoughts have been with you as just a thunderstorm
terrifies me and that is why I’m not complaining too loudly
about the weather.

True to my column heading, your won’t believe it, but I have
joined a physical fitness class, not to lose weight but must
compete with my two teenage daughters and they just might say,
‘Mother, either shape up or ship out’. I was shocked to
find out at ‘weighing in time’ that I had gained 6 lbs.
Here I had made the brag that I could eat anything and everything
and not gain an ounce. I blame it on the stenographer spread.

The mail has been very interesting lately and through the
Iron-Men Album magazine I have been corresponding with a family
from Ohio, my native state, who by strange coincidence our paths
crossed again after a lapse of many years. Mr. Warren was our
County School superintendent for many years and now is near 90
years young and still able to drive his own car. I was just a child
when he would visit our little country school very

Another letter from Mr. W. R. Wheeler of Sun Valley, California;
he sent for a Floyd Clymers Steam Traction Engines book and this is
what he wrote, ‘Am an old man but cannot forget the steam
threshing engines for which I hauled water 65 years ago (now 88
years old) Steam Best Power yet!’ How about that!

Don’t know yet if we will make it to any steam shows. Will
try to see some of you.

Space is running short this issue so will close. Remember every
day is a good day if You make it that way. So long all you dear
hearts and gentle people.

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