Gettin Up Speed With IRENE

By Staff
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This summer my family finally persuaded me to have the family
group taken and then the thought occurred to me that perhaps some
of you would like to know what we look like so it appears above.
Standing are, our 13 year old twins, Barbara and Barry, seated,
‘Yours Truly’, then our 15 year old daughter, Arlene and my
devoted husband, Gustav. I can’t brag that my husband is a
Steam Engine enthusiast but he does enjoy going to the surrounding
steam shows with me. For the past twenty years, he has been an oil
burner mechanic but since May of this year, he has become one of
those Retired Gentlemen. It seems he is busier than a bee and he
isn’t underfoot as so many wives complain.

We visited and enjoyed three Reunions this summer. Rev. and Mrs.
Ritzman invited us along to Stewarts-town Show in July and then in
August we went down to Kinzers, where I thoroughly enjoyed those
ham sandwiches and brought back some delicious homemade bread and
apple butter. Just like what Mother use to bake. The engines
don’t interest me, it’s the food. Then before Labor Day we
took in the Williams Grove Show. There it was baked potato that I

Here in the office we have been quite busy trying to keep up
with the new subscriptions and renewals. I keep telling myself,
tomorrow is another day but something new comes up the next day. We
are doing our best, so be patient.

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