By Irene

I have been racking this little brain of mine trying to come up
with some interesting information, but with all the work piled
around me I just can’t concentrate.

I receive many interesting letters but usually turn them over to
Anna Mae but since Walton Sanson’s letter just came in I’m
going to use it as I think it is amusing! He writes, ‘My father
told me ‘That his father (my Grandfather) brought the
‘first’ Port Huron Traction Engine, into Koylton Twp. which
is in Tuscola County, Kingston, Michigan. My Father said, ‘that
he took the train to Port Huron, bought the engine, I think he said
it was a 15-30, I don’t know, nor do I know the date the engine
was bought, but anyway, he fired her up and drove it back home,
about 75 miles, it took the better part of a week, and he went
through Marlette, Michigan which is the last ‘big’ town
before he got home and the engine stack, with the spark screen in
place, was so high, that it knocked out all the street lights on
East & West Main Street. It being about 3:00 o’clock in the
morning, and with the noise of the engine, under its
‘bonnet’ or roof, he didn’t even know he hit them. In
those days all the roads and streets in the county were dirt, and
so when the Sheriff found out about all the street lights being
knocked out, all he had to do was follow the tracks of my
Grandpa’s engine, right into the farm. I guess it cost him
about $300.00 for all those light bulbs’.

I want to thank all of you who sent the many cards and best
wishes and very sorry I can’t acknowledge each one.

Quite often when I open the mail I get two checks for renewal of
Iron Men Album and Gas Engine Magazine, in an envelope, sometimes
even two envelopes each with its’ separate check, it would be
saving you money to make out one check to Stemgas Publishing Co.
because both magazines are handled at the same office. It would
save us time, not that we do not appreciate your two checks, but
when we can we like to make it easier for you too.

We have had many inquiries about the picture on Page 4 of
Jan-Feb. issue. Look for the picture again in this issue and I
think it will explain the answer. The fly wheel isn’t on the
left side.

Just a reminder to you folks who take subscriptions for the
Album to send for your supplies. It won’t be too long before
the reunions and shows will be starting.

So long for now, all you dear hearts and gentle people.

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