By Staff

JAMES GLENN ‘JIM’ BAKER, age 81, of Mineral Wells,
Texas, passed away November 28, 1995. Jim was born to Oscar and
Cora Muir Baker on January 22, 1914, in Paola, Kansas.

At about six years of age he was with the neighborhood men in
Iowa on the threshing run. The flues needed cleaning and Jim
climbed up and went to work. From that time on ‘steam’ held
great deal of interest for him.

In 1961 he attended the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion at Mt.
Pleasant, Iowa. As a result of that, he acquired a inch scale model
of a 1915 Case engine. For 30 years he enjoyed his hobby,
especially going to shows in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia,
Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Submitted by Mrs. James G. (Kate) Baker, 1912 S.E. 15th
Street, Mineral Wells, Texas 76067.

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