By Staff

WILLIAM ‘WILLIE’ ROHRER, was born August 30, 1917 and
passed away January 29, 2000.

Willie, as everybody knew him, lived in Leitersburg, Maryland,
just outside of Hagerstown. He was the father of the Smithsburg
Steam Engine and Craft Show that is held in Smithsburg, Maryland,
at the end of September. He was a member of many steam
organizations throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. He
could always be found around the sawmill at the shows in Middletown
and Wolfsville, Maryland. As he told me many times, ‘I think
that I grew up in the best time of this old world because, we came
from farming with horses when I was young, to putting a man on the
moon.’ He always had a joke or some type of a saying or
comeback for you no matter what you asked. He has taught many
people many things over the years, and I know he will be missed by
many people, but not as much as I will miss him.

Submitted by Mike Rohrer, 12025 Steven Avenue, Smithsburg,
Maryland 21 783.

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