Governors Attend

By Staff
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William Stratton, Governor of Illinois, with many prominent men on the platform as he addresses the Pontiac, Illinois Reunion.
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Mrs. William Stratton, wife of the Governor of Illinois, as she operated Joseph Wisehaupt's Keck-Gonnerman engine, of Mackinaw, Illinois. The First Lady seems to be happy about it.
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William Sater, President of the Mt. Pleasant (Iowa) Reunion, greeting Governor and Mrs. Loveless of Iowa, as they attended the 1957 Reunion.

Our Reunions were highly honored this year by the presence of at
least two Governors of the States in which the Reunions were

Governor William Stratton, of Illnois, gave us a half day and
spoke over the amplifier to the great crowd at Pontiac,

Governor Loveless of Iowa, had the misfortune of visiting Mt.
Pleasant on the only day it rained. He spoke in the assembly tent
and over the amplifier. All on the grounds heard him.

We appreciate these great men gracing our Reunions by their
presence. We hope it was a pleasure for them.

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