Heatwole Revisited

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Dick Burd of Canton, SD tending his model Avery.
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Mahlon Giffin and Bud Flowers inspecting their models.
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R. R. #3, Box 184 Valley Center, Kansas 67147

Proud owners of half scale Case 65 models are: Dick Burd,
Canton, SD; Mahlon Giffin, Sedgwick, KS; Bud Flowers, Litchfield,,
MN; Bill Koska, St. Cloud, MN.

I had so many nice comments about my story ‘Where in the
World Is Heatwole, Minnesota’, I decided I’d better write a
follow-up to it.

Tom and I did make it to Heatwole this past August with the
assistance of Tom’s B model Mack. Our load consisted of a 40HP
Case and two half-scale Case 65 models. One model belonged to
Mahlon Giffin of Sedgewick, Kansas and the other to Bud Flowers of
Litchfield, Minnesota. Mahlon followed us to the Heatwole Show in
his pick-up and claimed he was so tired once he arrived because he
had to push the ‘Mack Bulldog’ all the way up! Mahlon has
been known to stretch the truth once in a while.

There were four half-scale Case 65 models at Heatwole Threshing
Days. So there was much discussion among the various owners. As
shown by the photograph, they are very proud owners and rightfully
so. They made an impressive sight going through the parade.

Some rain arrived to this area several days prior to the show.
It was needed so very desparately here as it was in other parts of
the midwest. The community pulled together and made this show a
good time for all to get together to talk, look, and of course, eat
ice cream!

It was great to see so very many of you all and so many of our
family from parts of Minnesota. It was really a reunion for us for
friends, family, and our models.

Once again contact Bob Elliot of Hutchinson, MN 612-587-5250 for
details of the Heatwole Show.

By the way, all the half-scale model owners would like to
challenge any other half-scale owners to meet at Heatwole next
August for a bit of fun and to see who can pop the buttons from
their shirt telling about their models. See you all in August

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