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Today was a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania. I’ll bet you
thought I was going to complain about the cold weather again. Seems
I have been complaining for so long about the weather but I had
lots of company on the subject.

Since this is the May-June issue we should be thinking about the
reunions starting. Another FIRST among shows is the Blue Grass
Steam & Gas Engine Assoc. of Harrodsburg, Kentucky will be held
Saturday and Sunday, August 1 and 2, at the Mercer County Fair
Grounds. They have put a lot of work into it.

We have received a different request, Mr. Milo Blauvelt, Bremo
Bluff, Virginia 23022, wants to know if we have anything describing
or giving any information on Calliopes. He thought one of our
subscribers may be an authority. Also, Mr. Lyle G. Panno, Star
Route, Box 243, Little Marais, Minn. 55211, would like to know if
anyone has any information on the Case ’10’ Steam

Evidently I goofed in my Jan-Feb. column. Mr. J. M. Johnson of
Minneapolis wanted to know why they must call a Steam Traction
Engine a Steam Tractor. I had it ‘Gas Tractor’. My
apologies to Mr. Johnson. Of course he knew better.

We had an interesting letter from Mr. Fred Hart of
Williamsfield, Ohio. In 1962 with the help of his good machines
friends he built a Steam Road Locomotive, then he figured he was
getting too old to operate it, placed an ad in the Album and sold
it five years ago-

However, Mr. Hart (Fred) was younger than he thought, two years
later he was again looking for and picking up parts to build
another one, this one is operating now, with the help of a young
friend, well nine years younger than Fred, they drove it to the
Burton Ohio Steam Show, a distance of 32 miles, made it in one hour
and 20 min., Fred did the firing. It goes to prove that you are
never too old to try, Fred enjoyed it very much. (Mr. Hart has the
For Sale ad in this issue.) Good luck! God Bless and keep you Mr.
Hart, even at 85 who knows you may build and operate several more
Steamers, at least we are all rooting for you to do just that.

Does anyone have any information on Stevens 16 hp. traction
engine? If so, Mr. John L. Kuchenbecker, 304 W. Northland,
Appleton, Wis. 54911, would appreciate hearing from you.

Sorry, the publishers of Locomotives of Pennsylvania Railroads
have informed us the book is out of stock and they don’t expect
to reprint.

For all of you Reeves steam engine owners or boosters, M. E.
Brison, Route 1, Millersport, Ohio 43046, has the Reeves Steam
Engine Watch Fobs for sale.

I must remind all of you again about your show ads. The deadline
for ads seems to be so far in advance so if your show is soon and
you wish to place an ad, don’t delay, you may be

A month or so ago, several people sent for ‘Logging
Railroads of the West’. I was informed they were out of stock
but later we were able to get some reprints. So if any of you folks
still want a copy, we have them. They are $3.95. We have a lot of
new books advertised.

Must close and keep plugging along or should say steaming

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