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It has been ten months since Roger Robertson published the last
issue of the Stationary Engine Society Newsletter. During this
time, neither he nor the SES has been dormant.

The Stationary Engine Society has awakened from months of
hibernation. With summer has come a metamorphosis which we believe
will provide us with a more active organization than ever before.
Here are the recent developments.

At a March meeting in North Franklin, Connecticut, SES
representatives Roger Robertson, Conrad Milster, and George King
met with officers of our British counterpart the Stationary Engine
Research Group. During this meeting, we finalized plans to merge
both organizations into the ‘International Stationary Steam
Engine Society.’

The name says it all. ISSES expands the scope of the
organization to encompass other countries in fact, the world while
focusing on stationary steam engines, which have been the sole
interest of the British group and the primary interest of SES
members. Through this reorganization we hope to maintain our
fraternity of American engine enthusiasts while widening our
horizons to encompass global camaradarie with those who share our
fascination with steam machinery.

We invite you to join us in the International Stationary Steam
Engine Society. With a membership in ISSES you will help us support
interest in and appreciation of the history, documentation, and
preservation of stationary steam engines throughout the world. Each
member will receive a quarterly bulletin.

Reviewing volume twelve, number one of the Stationary Engine
Research Group’s publication, I note that it is 5 x 8 inches in
size and sixty pages long including a fold-out of the tandem
compound mill engine. (A new variation on the centerfold
principle.) We plan to keep the same format in the ISSES Bulletin.
We will, however, change the material we publish to an equitable
mixture of information from America, Great Britain, and other
countries as well. To facilitate this change in the apportionment
of material, we encourage you to submit articles, stories, letters,
and other information for publication.

Membership is being offered at twenty dollars per year, which
includes four issues of the Bulletin. The annual ISSES Journal, a
more scholarly and technical publication of approximately 100
pages, is also available to members at an additional cost of ten

For more information contact: Conrad Milster, 178 Emerson Place,
Brooklyn, New York 11205.

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