Jacob Price: 1895

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Our reproduction of the 1895 Jacob Price Field
Locomotive catalog continues, with pages 20, 21 and 22 of the
original catalog.

This seventh section of the Jacob Price catalog focuses on
practical issues related to owning and operating a Jacob Price
steam traction engine. The section begins with a short discussion
on hauling heavy loads (informing prospective owners of 80 HP
engines to let pressure run to 150 PSI, or 200 PSI for 40 HP
engines) and the best method for initiating forward movement.

Practical issues such as best methods for firing the boiler and
maintaining proper water supply are covered, as is boiler

The catalog also discusses staffing for plowing, suggesting
owners have a blacksmith on hand – with a portable forge, a small
anvil and a vice – to tend to broken or dull plow shares.

Following this is a brief discussion of the relationship of
overall cleanliness to ensuring dependable operation, and the
importance of appreciating the amount of work necessary in
maintaining an engine. “It is work,” the catalog admonishes, “to
run an engine and keep it clean and in order, and an engineer or
fireman that is not willing to do the work demanded ought to seek
some other occupation.”

Join us next issue when we present our eighth, and final,
installment of the 1895 Jacob Price Field Locomotive catalog.

Special thanks to John Davidson, 8250 200th Ave.,
Bristol, WI 53104, for generously supplying his original 1895 Jacob
Price catalog so we might share it with our readers.

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