‘Johnson’s Pot Luck Roundup’

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Here is the group that met July 6th, 1957 at the Gilmar Johnson's home in a Pot Luck Roundup and Meet the Editor's Wife Reunion. Gil-mar and Alice stopped everything except Jerkin the Jerseys to entertain this group. It was lots of fun and the Editor's wi

Frederic, Wisconsin

(Meet the Editor’s Wife Reunion), July 6th, 1957

IN THE PICTURE (some-where in this issue) are some ‘ALBUM
Readers’ (98%) with a lot of steam in the background. Included
in the group are-Hardy Lind-blad, Frederic, Wis.; Harry Schachts,
Eau Claire, Wis.; Chas. Mell, Harris, Minn.; Carl Wolfe, Rush City,
Minn.; John Ericksons, Minneapolis 18, Minn.; Arthur J. Holmes, St.
Paul, Minn.; Dan Boothe, East Ellsworth, Wis.; Earlene and Elmer
Ritzman, Enola, Pa., (Honor Guests) ; Harry Fallstroms, Falum,
Wis.; H. M. Jones and H. B. McAllister, Little Falls, Minn.; Orrin
and Nyle Kurth, Chip-pewa Falls, Wis.; Irene Steiner, Red Wing,
Minn.; Art W. Beer, Hudson, Wis.; Geo. T. Teverty, St. Paul, Minn.;
Myron Gleiter, Cochrane, Wis.; Wm. Herpst and Harold Churchill,
Elmwood, Wis.; Gene Roggeman, 4430 Newton Ave., North, Minneapolis,
Minn.; J. M. Hansen, Luck, Wis.; Darward Stienmetz, La Forge, Wis.:
Art Meisners, Stillwater, Minn.; Bob Lockman, Anoks, Minn.; and the
Barnes Boys, Siren, Wis.

Crowds come bigger but not better!

The Gilmar Johnson’s most heartily thank all who turned up
and donated to the ‘Pot Luck Editor’s Day’.

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