Milton, Iowa.

When the ‘IRON-MEN ALBUM’ comes there is not much work
of any kind done at our house nor at Mr. Van Fleet’s, who is
another ardent supporter of the old school of steam engine men. We
both would not want to miss a copy, my only regret that I did not
know of it sooner that I could have got in the earlier copies.

I have not had a paper like it since the death of our old
friend, Bascome B. Clark, who edited the well-liked ‘American
Threshermen’ and then later the ‘Farm Power’ edited a
short time by his esteemed son James L. Clarke of Madison, Wis. By
the way does anybody know what become of Mr. James L. Clarke. His
was a fine paper for power users. I sent in several subscriptions
for neighbors and had some correspondence with Mr. Clarke, however,
about the middle of World War II the paper ceased coming and I
received no reply to my letter of inquiry. I know it was hard
sledding for Jim to keep the paper coming and repeatedly he warned
his subscribers to get busy and each send in at least one new
subscriber a year. I liked Mr. Clarke just the same as his father
and thought he had a great prospect in the ‘Farm Power’,
hence I tried to secure as many subscriptions as I could at the
time. However, as is human nature, people take things for granted
and don’t take time or realize the value of such publications
till it is too late, then. and unfortunately not until then, is the
value realized. Right now again, I have showed the ‘ALBUM to
many who have been very interested and took time to read every word
therein, but pry that $2.00 sub. out of them, that’s something
else again.

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