LaGrange Engine Club Show

By Ed Maynard and Pres.
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18 HP 1921 Greyhound owned by Denny Randy Jungbluth.

5940 Townline Road 187 New London, Ohio 44851Photo by Bob

Our 21st annual show was a resounding success, with record
numbers of exhibitors, flea markets and spectators. Eleven steam
engines were in full operation, belted to the sawmill, fan and
threshing machine. Numerous models and scale models were also in

Billy Kennedy’s sawmill was a big attention getter, with
nearly all the steam engines belting up to it, plus the Oil Pulls
and some of the gas tractors. Since the show, Billy has made up a
double pulley arbor so that next year we’ll be able to power
the mill with ‘double headers’!

IMA ran an article about the Kitten engines in the
November/December 1991 issue. We’re very fortunate to have two
of these scarce engines in the area.

The engine pictured here is another uncommon engine, an 18 HP
1921 Greyhound owned by Denny Jungbluth and his son Randy of
Litchfield, Ohio. That’s Denny in the photo.

We invite everyone to see these and other fine exhibits at our
1992 show to be held September 19 and 20 at our new location at the
Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio. It’s the same
friendly folks, just a different location with lots more room.

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