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Bershire type locomotive No.700.Built in1949 by Lima Locomotive Company, at Lima, Ohio. See Mr. Laird's letter. Mr. Laird adjusting the hell ringer.

620 Lake Road, Conneaut, Ohio

ENCLOSED FIND Picture of a Bershire type locomotive (steam) No.
700. This is the first of a fleet of 80 of these fine locomotives
that we are still using on the Nickel Plate. We have the last steam
engine built for the American RR No. 779. This locomotive was built
in 1949 by Lima Locomotive Co., at Lima, Ohio.

This is the run down on Eng. 700. She was built in August 1934
by American Locomotive Works at Schenectady, New York and entered
in freight service same month. She ran from Frankfort, Indiana, to
Bellevue, Ohio, until 1955, then transferred to the W&LE
District at Brewster, Ohio until September 1956. She was then
marked for scrap and sent to Conneaut, Ohio, to be stripped of her
usable gadgets. Then out of a clear sky she was put in the shop on
December 24, 1956, and out shopped on January 30, 1957. She broke
in February 2, 1957; reworked and entered train service on February
3, 1957. She was used in train service until October 1, 1957.

Her last run was from Buffalo, New York to Conneaut, Ohio, with
train No. 47. She had 22 loads and 67 empties or 3013 tons on this
trip. The Engineer was McNerney and the Fireman was Anderson. Her
total mileage from February 2, to October 1, 1957, was over 50,000
miles. She would have made many more miles if her flues and side
sheets had not been outlawed, but that is the way of a good old

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