Lewis Jorgenson

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Lewis Jorgenson is in foreground, behind is Wendel Hanson who helped in restoration.
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12935 Rutledge Circle, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305

I have been getting the Iron-Men Album for many years. Lewis
Jorgenson is my cousin, and I have been sharing the magazines with
him. We thought you readers might be interested in these

Lewis Jorgenson, of R.R. 1, Box 84, Corell, Minnesota 56237
bought a stationary steam engine thirty years ago at an auction,
all in pieces. He has now completely restored it and the boiler has
been inspected. The steam engine was manufactured by Davis &
Rankin, 240 to 254 W. Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois. Lewis would
like to know what year it was manufactured and where he could find
the serial number. It has a Number 1 fly ball governor. Is that the
smallest size made? Also, he can’t find the serial number on
the boiler.

Lewis mounted the engine on antique wheels and frame so it is
moveable. He enjoys taking it to local parades and county fairs,
where the steam engine is used to power a Martin feed mill in which
he grinds wheat for flour.

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