Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion Stampede

Administrator, Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Inc., Box 10,
Austin, Manitoba, Canada

For four days at the end of July you could again relive the days
when the threshing crews were the heroes of the west. The old
outfits came to life again at the 1972 Manitoba Threshermen’s
Reunion and Stampede which took place from July 26 to July 29. This
annual event is sponsored by the Manitoba Agricultural Museum and
it takes place on the Museum grounds 1 miles south of Austin,
Manitoba, on No. 34 Hwy.

Every year the crowds come to see the old steamers and gas
engines go through their paces. The weather is warm and sunny and
the people come from all parts of Canada and the U. S. to marvel at
the old monsters. This year an estimated 72,000 people attended the

There were many attractions to be seen: the mammoth vintage
parade which passed in front of the grandstand each day, the many
contests such as threshing, belt setting, stooking, bag tying and
the Turtle Race which had the steamers racing against each other.
The sawmill, shingle mill and planer were in operation and a grist
mill was turning out sample bags of flour at top speed to keep up
with the demand, and a display of miniature and stationary engines,
both steam and gas, drew many spectators.

In the evening there was top-notch entertainment with one of the
highest rated rodeos in Canada. 75 contestants tried their skill at
the rodeo events and the crowds were thrilled with their

And of course the Carberry Legion Band and Majorettes, the
Pequis Indian Pow-Wow and Cultural Group, and the Antoinettes, a
tumbling act, provided colour, music and much entertainment for the

From 10:00 p. m. to 1:00 a. m. every evening you could enjoy an
old-time dance at the Wagon Wheel Dance Pavillion with music
provided by the Country Spurs.

The Museum buildings and Displays were all open to the public
and the thousands of people attending found they had hardly enough
time to see everything.

Yes, the 1972 Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion and Stampede
was a resounding success. Next year we hope to see all our old
friends back again as well as many new ones.

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