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Lawler's Model 200-20B.H.P. steam tractor converted from a Cockshutt No. 20 tractor. Rear view showing steam condenser and water pump drive off side P. T. O. Engine is a four cylinder uniflow type 3-1/16 x 4 bore. Steam generator is a high pressure type 1
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Lawler's model 100-20B.H.P. steam tractor converted from a Cockshutt No. 20 tractor. The steam generator is a high pressure 1,000 P. S. I. Engine is a four cylinder uniflow type 3-1/16 x 4. Engine can be removed in 30 minutes for other uses such as statio

Steam is without doubt the greatest mechanical power, (past
present and future) ever given to man. Man owes his entire basic
and continued modern progress to Steam Power and to steam’s
very close cousin, Water Power. Eighty to ninety percent of
man’s power necessities and conveniences in the home, factory
and business are now dependant upon Steam Power. The other 10% to
20% is furnished by Steam’s cousin, Water Power.

To mention a few of the conveniences man depends upon in this
push button age are: lights, telephones, home appliances, heat,
factory power (including the making of our clothing, homes, and the
millions of things our modern age depends on).

Steam originated and built our Modern Transportation System on
land, sea and air and will, with the aid of such fuels as Atomic,
the sun’s heat, heat from the core of the earth, and the other
modern fuels continue to advance man to the pinnacle of his earthly

The nature of steam with its smoothness, quietness, unlimited
power and speed, great torque at any speed, flexibility,
portability, etc., lends itself to all of man’s basic needs and

In recent years, steam is possibly unmatched in its increase in
efficiency as to use of fuel, less maintenance, less weight per
actual torque, etc. etc. in almost all fields including rail

We have quite a store of information on this subject which we
will release from time to time.

We welcome sincere questions that c an be answered in these
columns. We especially welcome information and pictures on modern
steam, whether built for commercial use or as a hobby.

What are you designing, building or doing with modern Steam?
Please address your questions and information to: ALBERT M.
CRANSTON, 1416 E. Santa Ana Street, Anaheim, California.

Since people interested in Modern Steam Power are especially
interested in a steam power plant to use in automobiles, boats,
trucks and thousands of other uses, we are presenting a new steam
power plant that is now available from the builder at a very
reasonable price and that has successfully gone through extensive
testing and improving through a number of years.

The builder is Mr. James H. Lawler, 8125 State Street, South
Gate, California.

We wish to thank Mr. Lawler for his fine pictures and
information that speaks for itself.

We have seen these engines run many times personally.

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