R. D. 4, Box 41, Plymouth, Indiana

Enclose please find check for another year. I think you are
doing a fine job and only wish that we could get the magazine every

Your picture of ‘The End’ on the flap of the
subscription envelope reminds me that my 30 hp. Russell will have
to look that way before she runs again. I will have to remove the
smoke box door to replace the ring and bolts that are rusted

I am putting up a 40×60 Quonset building this spring to house my
collection which is now crowding me out of my welding and machine

On page 19 of the March-April issue you mention the question by
Leo Huston of South Dakota, ‘Would steam fans be interested in
contributing $1.00 or more toward the purchase of a steam
locomotive to be preserved in some central location?’ I would
say for myself, yes. I would gladly contribute $25.00 for that
purpose provided said locomotive be located centrally to the
majority of steam fans. And provided it be placed on some track so
that it could be ‘exercised’ at least once a year.
Preferably at the same time as a Reunion is to be held at the same

There are getting to be quite a few ‘dead’ engines in
parks and in big city depots. Most of them donated by the
Railroads. I would like to see at least one full sized
‘Live’ one preserved before i is too late. To spend a few
minutes in a scrap yard where locomotives are wrecked every day is
a heart rending experience. It is the end of the rails for them
just one more vanishing American.

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