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After reading your magazines, I always come back to an article
written by Mr. Edward Hutsel in the July-August issue on Page 2. So
I will pop off with a few words, then I may feel better.

Mr. Hutsel doesn’t seem to agree with Mr. LeRoy Blaker at

1. LeRoy is right in every way about the Marsh and the Case Wolf
valve gear. Mr. Hutsel also seems to think as do some other men
that the Advance clear sounding exhaust indicates an economical and
very powerful engine.

2. Again Mr. Hutsel doesn’t agree with LeRoy about
‘hooking up’ on a traction engine. It appears Mr. Hutsel
does not have a clear understanding between a governor and the
purpose of hooking up on a traction engine.

3. He also says, a man that carries more pressure in his boiler
than what the company recommends should have his head examined. The
Case Co. built their boilers to stand half again their working
pressure at the least. Sol say, between LeRoy’s knowledge and a
registered and licensed inspector, they know what pressure can
safely be carried on a boiler, as they take into consideration the
condition, and metal strength at its thinnest spot.

4. He says he doesn’t see how a valve seat will wear even on
a hookup valve gear. I can see plainly Mr. Hutsel has no clear
understanding of this. The way these ports and valves are designed
they will always wear even.

5. He also wonders how long LeRoy can keep his water and steam
up under a full load on a Case engine. I’ll say if a man’s
boiler with good water, his engine, and his firing, are all within
75% to 80% of what it should be, it can then be done easily with a
Case engine.

6. I also agree with LeRoy that the Case valve gear may not be
the best, but it is one of the best for a traction engine for
economy, and for getting the most power from a given size

I most certainly would like to explain all this thoroughly for
Mr. Hutsel if that is what he wants. But at this writing it may be
a waste of time. If Mr. Hutsel wonders about my ability and
knowledge in the engineering field, I must say that I have advanced
far enough into this line, that I am more than an ordinary throttle

Now since I have released my pop like Mr. Hutsel, I feel

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