4375 W. Oregon Rd. Lapeer, Mich. 48446.

The first annual ‘Day for Thrashing and Sawmilling’ was
held on the Bob Nelson farm on August 12, 1972.

Bob’s farm is 5 miles west of Lapeer, Michigan.

The weather was real good for the day in spite of the many rainy
days that occurred over Michigan this past summer.

A 19 H. P. Port Huron Steam Traction Engine owned by Nelson
Scott and Pete Pierson of Ontonville, Michigan and a 28-50 H. P.
Hart-Parr Tractor owned by Leon Knight of Lapeer, Michigan was used
to furnish the power for the 28-46 Red River Special Separator
owned by Bob Nelson and Sons to do the thrashing.

Also on display was a Meadows Mobile Sawmill owned by Elmer
Wether-ford of Lapeer, Michigan. Power for the sawmill was
furnished by a big Case Tractor owned by the Nelson’s.

Horace and Kenyon Davis of Lapeer, Michigan exhibited and
operated an old time Drag Saw.

Harold Running of Lapeer, Michigan had his miniature steam
tractor engine on display.

The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Posse put on a fine horse drill.
This was enjoyed by many people.

Several teams of horses and ponies were present. They were used
to bring in the sheaves and also to give the many younger people

A chicken dinner was furnished for the workers.

The concessions were taken care of by the ‘Passport to
Progress’ 4-H Club with Bob Nelson, Jr. as their leader.

The Lapeer County Historical Society did a very nice job of
handling the registration.

Many thanks to the ‘Michigan Outdoors’ television
program that is featured on many Michigan TV stations for carrying
a portion of our show. This allowed many thousands of people to see
it that would have otherwise missed it.

With the help of many people, this show was a great success.

Bob, Jr. and I have a manufacturing plant at this same location.
We operate under the name of Renco Products, Inc., RENCO comes from
our initials with the Co. tacked on.

We manufacture equipment for the lumber industry, such as
sawmills, log turners, automatic setworks, log decks, conveying
equipment and vertical edg.

Even though we manufacture the latest in sawmill equipment, we
have a keen interest in the ways of our forefathers.

As to next year, The Good Lord willing, we are planning a bigger
and better show. More events, such as a Baker Fan, more machinery
on display and in operation and perhaps a tractor power contest
along with more horses.

We are planning our show for August 4th, 1973 at the same

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