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The Michigan Live Steam Club has been investigating several
different sites which would be more ideal for the Steam Rodeo, and
the 1958 Reunion. At the last board of directors meeting, the board
decided that the Allegan County Fair Grounds would be the best
possible site. The Allegan County Fair Grounds are located in
Allegan, Michigan, 33 miles northwest of Kalamazoo.

This Allegan County Fair each year attracts nearly 100,000
people, making it one of the largest in Michigan. The grounds have
a grandstand which seats 5,000 people, shade trees, the Kalamazoo
River borders on one side of the grounds. The Michigan Live Steam
board of directors decided that much more room would be necessary
because of the popularity of the reunion each year from steam men
and the public. The fairgrounds can park as many as 30,000
automobiles at one time, five lanes of cars can enter at the same
time with four exits for the departing spectators.

Lance Ferraro, President of the Michigan Live Steam Club, stated
that for the first time since the Rodeos began there will be more
than ample room for the traction engines and the models will be
able to have a heyday. The facilities are completely modern and
certainly should be more comfortable for all who will attend the

Steam men who plan to attend the Steam Rodeo are invited to
write to Ralph Leighty, 7389 Gleason Avenue, Route 3, Kalamazoo,
Michigan, for information concerning the Rodeo and possible

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