Nordberg Corliss At Cedar Valley

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613 8th Ave. Charles City, Iowa 50616

This Nordberg Corliss Cross Compound steam engine air compressor
can be seen at the Cedar Valley Engine Club Thresher Reunion each
Labor Day weekend show at Charles City, Iowa.

The papers we got with the engine show that it was installed in
the Rumely factory in 1918 in La Porte, Indiana and was used until
the factory was closed in the early 1980’s Allis Chalmers gave
it to the Cedar Valley Engine Club in 1986 with the stipulation
that we get it back together and in a building as soon as

Several of our men took 2 weeks in April and dismantled it.
Warren Transport trucking furnished 2 semis to haul it here to
Charles City plus several pickup loads by our members. We had it
together and in a building in August in time for our 1986 show. It
was not completed at that time but was still a good show piece. We
bought a boiler at Racine, Minn. that winter and had it installed
and running for our ’87 show.

The high pressure cylinder is 13 x 36; the low pressure is 26 x
36. The air compressor cylinders are in tandem with the steam
cylinder and are the same size as the steam cylinders. We run it at
approximately 25 RPM. We do not pump any air pressure. They tell us
the factory ran it up to 100 RPM and put out 50-60 pounds of air
pressure on the line to run their air tools. The flywheel is 13 ft.
in diameter. It is a beautiful engine with lots of rods with brass
ends. When it is running all you hear is the click of the valves

This engine has to be seen to be appreciated. We invite you to
come to our show to see it.

They also tell us there were only 3 of them built and this is
the only one that was ever installed so it is supposed to be the
only one like it in existence.

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