Schuyler, Nebraska

I visited the Northern Development Museum at North Battleford,
Saskatoon and Yorktown, Sask., Canada in the forepart of August and
I don’t mind telling anyone they have a real display up there.
Most of the steamers are 25 hp. and larger. They also have a good
thresher display.

I climbed atop a 42′ Avery and noticed the elbow on the
blower chute had a hole worn through that would require both hands
to cover. I felt if those machines could talk they would tell of
many interesting experiences. I would have liked to have seen a
harvest in Saskatchewan when those big machines were in their
prime. Actually, if the state of Nebraska raised seed wheat
adaptable to Sask., I doubt if it could raise enough in one season
to seed a crop in Sask.

Mr. E. Roy Potter pointed out an elevator that appeared about
the size of a lead pencil point in the distance. It did not seem
far away, but he said ’20 miles’ and it was crop land all
the way.

North of Weyburn and around Regina are many more miles of land
just as flat as a floor. I went north for a couple of weeks just to
escape the heat and it was really fine up there, highest was 76 and
around 50 at night. This made for good ‘Gut Schlafen’. I
also saw so many Duckies in the ponds in the bush country around
Yorktown, Sask., and Dauphin, Manitoba. The ducks and duckies were
all sizes as they really enjoyed the ponds and did not seem to mind
the cars driving by, but when I stopped to snap a picture they vary
quickly paddled away into the grass that grows in the water. I
tried to get several pictures but as I moved closer they moved
farther away so do not know as yet whether I have any duck pictures
or not.

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