Box 1300, Meaford, Ontario, Canada

why they ‘haven’t heard from their Founder &
Sec.-Treas. these past few months. Here’s the answer.

 We tired of big city life over three years ago, and
Started looking for a place we could remodel. We Wanted to be
within a reasonable distance of Toronto, where we had lived for 28
years same address, home phone, etc. (Our two sons grew up, married
and built homes of their own.) The clock Was ticking away, and so
were the years. . .finally we found a nice lot here at Meaford,
overlooking Georgian Bay, on Highway 26, half way between
Collingwood and Owen Sound, and bought it. We built our office,
home and workshop all under one roof, nothing fancy but practical
and to our own plans.

All this started on my 62nd birthday, March 14, 1968. To make a
long Story short, we Still have some things to unpack. I’ve
gone through a nervous breakdown and finally cancer hit me, in
mouth, the beginning of June this year. Another six weeks under
doctors’ orders, but thank God (as of this date) they cleaned
it up . . . God knows, of course, and he won’t tell (until his
own good time.) I found out who my friends were and what a
Wonderful partner my good wife is.

So, please, members of RHSA, and Others whose fetters await and
deserve a reply, be patient and you will hear from me just as soon
as possible. By the way, Ontario has ‘beat Texas in having a
REEVES in our roster! John Payne, of Warsaw, Ont., tells us he has
bought a DS 20 Hp 7158 but, woe is me, he has to transport it from
Regina, Sask., to his home near Peterborough, Ont. But she’s a
beauty, butt strap (Canadian Boiler) 140 psi. Sask. Gov’t

My own ambition is that nice 25 CC (also Canadian boiler) . . .
but that’s enough! Extension rims & all, and I’ve found
a fellow steam friend, a member of the Georgian Bay Steam, Gas,
Automotive and Antique Association, who has the ‘cover’ for

And members of RHSA Will be glad to know that, too, we have
added a hew member since moving to Meaford, Earl Marhanka, Wren
Oaks Farm, Route 2, Dowagiac, Mich, 49047, U.S.A.

My good friend, and fellow Canadian, W. Ewart Dearing, has had
his health problems, too. Maybe not as serious as losing a foot, or
cancer, but painful nevertheless. He’s too good a steam man to
have been inflicted with anything but the best of health. Please
send along any news YOU have. Cheers & good luck for now. Also,
please make two changes in your ‘List of Engines’:4438 J.
M. Burrows, High River, Alta., TO F.M. Freschette, P. O. Box 417,
Sylvan Lake, Alberta. 8083 Mrs. Clara Marvin, Fayette, Iowa, to
John H. Heinrich, Route 4, Independence, Iowa 50644, U.S.A.

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