Leeper Machine Company P. O. Box 147, Ash Grove, Missouri

Enclosed find check for amount of seven dollars. For which enter
Mr. Andrew J. Baker, Key No. 6F4-8, renewal to the IRON-MEN ALBUM.
Mr. Baker did not hand me the. Slip in his last issue he informed
me the Key No. and $2.00 for it.

The $5.00 is for one copy of ‘Steam Power on the Farm’
by Prof. Wik.

Seems to me that all threshing reunions should get notice to you
of their reunions so any and all of us Steam Bugs will have a
chance to attend. For an illustration here in Mexico, Mo., they had
a gathering for the first time, after the one at Mt. Pleasant,
Iowa. One of my thresher and well driller friends said he heard the
announcement over the radio and made the trip. On his return he
said it was very good. Nine engines were present all operating on
their own power, a couple of Model engines doing their stuff. Also
seems as all associations should, state the number they have
sponsored. That would show the length of time they have been in the
harness, to each and everyone where ever they might live. I find
out in these 76 years of my life, much delinquency in giving of
reports and descriptions of the affairs. Occasionally some do give
it as should be.

I subscribed for the Model Engineer, published in London,
England, a weekly which has, been published for more than 56 years.
It is on time and mailed regular mail by, ship. I have received my
22nd issue, and they state in all previous issues, what will appear
in the next, treats on many subjects, especially steam engines of
all the various types, and it is certainly very thorough on all
subjects. The large and small Steam Traction Engines alone to me is
worth the $6.00 a year subscription.

I have been a subscriber to The Miniature Locomotive, Box 305,
Reseda, Cal., for two years at $3.00 a year, six issues a year. I
have had to write to them to send my last two issues, and I just
mailed a notice that I had not received my Nov.-Dec. 1954

I am glad to know you people are certainly on the job with the
IRON-MEN ALBUM magazine, and everything that is ordered of you.

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