R. 3, Cadiz, O.)

Mr. Charles Johnson Reppart, Cadiz, Ohio, died Dec. 9, 1958 at
the age of 76 years. Mr. Reppart was retired thresherman having
been active in that trade for 56 years. He was a subscriber to the
ALBUM and a member of the National Steam Threshers Association,
Inc. Mr. Reppart started driving the iron horse over Short
creek’s hills before he was big enough to see over the boiler.
He proved himself capable at handling his responsibilities, though
only a boy. Many ‘old timer’ will remember his shrill
whistle at daybreak or at starting time, whether threshing, baling,
silo filling, road grading or sawmilling. He was a member of the
Church of Christ, in Cadiz, Ohio, and funeral services were held in
that church.

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