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Howard Boe, owner of Vivian’s Cafe, passed away March 10 as
the result of internal injuries from a fall. Howard was born at
Calmer, Iowa, July 9, 1905. He was a veteran of World War Two. He
was secretary-treasurer of the Central North Dakota Steam
Threshers. He was not an engine man himself, but it was mostly his
enthusiasm that got this show underway. He will be greatly missed
by the organization.


Charles G. Monroe of 314 North Black, Montana died January 18,
1963 at the age of 80 years.

Monroe, a retired electrical engineer, was born Aug. 23, 1882 at
Springhill. He spent his entire lifetime except for a couple of
years when in Utah, in the Gallatin Valley. When younger, Monroe
was employed at the malt plant at Manhattan. He also worked at
Montana State College for a number of years as an electrician.

Steam was his hobby and also his living for many years. One of
his friends wrote us, ‘I never in all the years I knew him,
ever saw him in anger or did he ever refuse to help, aid, or assist
anyone. He was handicapped by a severe attack of polio when he was
very young. He was a most competant and licensed steam engineer and
one who believed in what he said-you never saw smoke belching from
any of his smokestacks, be they tall chimmeys of brick or metalic
on a faithful old traction engine. Words cannot do justice to the
‘goodness’ that was simply a hugh part of Charles
‘Gil’ Monroe.


John Van Baren of Newton, Iowa died April 22, 1963. He was born
around Pella and farmed in his early days. Although he was never a
steam engineer, he was a great steam enthusiast and made quite a
few models of the traction engines. He had his engines at different
shows and attended all the reunions around the home area.

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