By Irene
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This is Betty & Bobbie, the second pair of twin girls for ''Old Rosie''. The proud owner is William B. Green, Route 1, Rushsylvania, Ohio. He didn't think we could beat it, but when the picture arrived at the office I felt so proud of my twins, Barbara an

Hope you don’t think I’m pushy and made my way in this
column without the boss knowing about my ventures.

For some months I have been working in the office trying to keep
you subscribers on the right track and helping where I could and
when the office was moved to 808 Wertzville Road, Enola, Penna. on
February 1st, I woke up to the fact that I was to take charge of
all the routine and keep our two magazines moving.

No doubt there have been many errors and I won’t make any
rash statement that none will occur in the future, but will do my
best to answer all questions and continue in the same spirit and
dedication as my predecessors.

Won’t write much this time as I must get back to my chores
but once the steam is up and the wheels are turning, I’ll tell
you more.

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