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Steve Schaad
Courtesy of Steve Schaad, 8990 West North, Fresno, California, 93706

8990 West North, Fresno, California, 93706

Bob Cardwell farms and collects old tractors and farm equipment
as a hobby. He farms 3,600 acres so collecting old tractors seems
to fit right in. Bob has been collecting old tractors for about
four years, and does all his own restoration work on them. The
first steam tractor he bought was a 1909 Case in awful shape, but
now is completely restored and running. He also has a 1909
Minneapolis Steam Tractor, an 1880 Peerless, 1914 Frick, and a
Rumely stationary engine. The Frick was purchased from an ad in the
Iron-Men. The Peerless was in Pennsylvania and the Frick in
Virginia so Bob sent his truck and trailer all the way from
California to get them. He recently purchased a thresher in
Missouri and his truck just returned from Idaho with a 1925 gas
tractor, a 1919 Model T Ford truck and a water wagon.

Pictured is the Minneapolis being loaded on the trailer after
being in a parade. It is being driven by Bob Cardwell and his son
Bob Jr.

Last winter Bob built a 35×75 foot building to hold all his
tractors, but because he has purchased so many tractors recently
the building is getting too small, so there are future plans to
enlarge it. All together he has five steam tractors, 15 gas
tractors, and lots of farm equipment-so far!

Steam tractor collection is something new for California. After
Bob gets his thresher he plans to hold a threshing bee so the
public can see the equipment in operation. Word of Bob’s
tractors is spreading throughout California. He has entered a 1909
Minneapolis Steam Tractor in several parades and one parade he won
sweepstakes honors.

Bob enjoys the Iron Men very much and has purchased many things
from it, besides placing certain ads for tractors he wants.

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