OVAM ’92 Reunion

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3379 Macedonia Road Bethel, Ohio 45106

On August 13-16, 1992, the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show
held their 22nd annual reunion. This was a very proud and memorable
show for everyone involved. This year marked the first year on the
organization’s new grounds that had been purchased in November
1990. It was a lot of hard work getting the grounds developed and
ready for the 1992 show, but everyone worked together hand in hand
to accomplish this goal. The show also held the first National Ford
meet, which was very successful and resulted in starting a Ford

Several steam engines were shown in 1992. Picture #1 shows two
of them: the 1912 Farquhar at left in the photo was the oldest
engine at the show, and is owned by 16 year old Todd Slone of
Amelia, Ohio. The 1931 Keck-Gonnerman at right in the photo is
owned by David Dunn and is the second to last one built.

There were a lot of unusual pieces at the show that were not
tractors. Picture #2 is of a 1920 Bucyrus steam shovel that was
blowing smoke and moving about every day at the show. The club
bought and restored this piece back in 1976.

The club works very hard to make the show a fun event for the
entire family. We in part achieve this by having a committee
devoted entirely to kids’ games. The list of events and games
for young kids is numerous. This is done in hopes that someday
these youngsters will get the antique collecting bug. There are
four women on the Board of Directors; they help create and get
events that are enjoyable for women. This is done in hopes that the
days of the wife reading a book in the car are over. Most women
enjoy our show as much as the men and children.

In 1993 the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery (OVAM) Show will hold
the national Massey Harris meet. The club is very proud to hold
this meeting. We are making very big plans to ensure that this
event is as successful and enjoyable as the 1992 Ford meet.

The members of the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show would like
to invite everyone to visit their show on August 12,13,14, and 15,
1993. For a free information packet and map of the show, write to
Brad Hauck, 3379 Macedonia Rd., Bethel, OH 45106. For information
about the 1993 Massey Harris Reunion write to Dan Whalen, 2277
Berry Rd., Amelia, OH 45102.

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