Paul Kusnefsky Memorial

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Model Case steam traction engine purchased at the Paul Kusnefsky estate sale by the Charlie Burkhardt family of Wichita.
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Paul's sawmill, owned by the Terning family, gets a good workout at their annual Labor Day weekend steam show.
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Left to right: Linda Britton, Marie Kusnefsky, and Joe Heath accepting a photo of Paul Kusnefsky at Terning's Steam Show.

Steam Show R.R. #3, Box 164 Valley Center, Kansas 67147

On December 1, 1987, Paul Kusnefsky passed away at his home in
Florence, Kansas. His wife, Marie, was at his side. Many people
across the country had come to know Paul as a true steam man.

Paul was a very quiet fellow until he realized you wanted to
talk about steam engines. He then would get a twinkle in his eye
and a little smile would appear and the conversation would flow.
Paul’s health had kept him from operating his equipment for
several years. It had always been in a shed and properly taken care
of. Marie made the decision to have an auction in May of 1988.
People were there from all parts of the country. Much of his
equipment went to many parts of Kansas and as far away as South

It seemed sad that all of Paul’s things would be taken here
and there, never to be in one place again. An idea then came to
mind. Because of the many kindnesses Paul and Marie had shown to
our family, as well as countless others, over the years why not
make every effort to gather all Paul’s equipment together at
our annual Labor Day weekend steam show and display it for all to

Phone calls were made and the plans set in motion. Everyone was
in agreement. The engines were painted and tuned up. The sawmill
had a complete restoration thanks to many volunteers. The L Case
stood proudly in the tractor line-up. The separator readily
accepted the bundles of grain. Glenn Litke of Marion, Kansas with
the help of his father, Virgil Litke, and his two nephews, Jeremy
and Jonathan Jordan, operated the Case 65 Glenn had purchased. The
engine seemed proud to once again be in operation and showing off
for the crowds. The -scale Avery steam traction engine purchased by
Linda Britton and Joe Heath of Florence, Kansas was in mint
condition. This little beauty hardly had time to cool down all
summer as they were busy transporting it from one show to another.
Dick Burd from Canton, South Dakota, delighted the crowds with his
-scale Avery during the races. The Charlie Burkhardt family of
Witchita also displayed their Case model steam engine built by

Paul had been in attendance at our show when his health allowed.
As his wife Marie said, ‘Paul is here today you can just feel
his presence when walking around his equipment’.

Linda and Joe graciously saw to it that Marie was at the show to
attend a special memorial that was planned. A photo was given to
Marie that had been taken several years ago. Paul was never one for
having his picture taken. This particular photo was taken at a
steam show and it truly captured Paul’s image. He was a master
with his mind and his hands.

A big thank-you to all who made a special effort to bring
equipment to this memorial; it was much appreciated.

From bottom to top: Dick Burd of Canton, SD on his scale 40-120
Avery, Joe Heath tending to his scale Avery and at the top Ben
Forney and John Forney are listening to the advice of Mr. Avery
Sullivan concerning the full size Avery. Photo taken Labor Day
weekend at Valley Center, Kansas. Courtesy Ronny Ray, Wichita.

1916 Case 65 #33248 purchased by Glenn Litke of Marion, KS at
Paul Kusnefsky estate sale. Left to right: Jeremy Jordan, Glenn
Litke, Jonathan Jordan and Virgil Litke. Photo taken at
Terning’s Show by Brenda Jordan.

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