When all the world seems dark, and I,
Yearn for a brighter, less encumbered
‘Tis then with all the reverence I’m
‘Tis then, O Lord, that I should pause
to pray.
When every foolish, time worn, petty
grievance, Seems like a mountain to my weary
Dear Lord, I have no magic for their
But Thou with healing strength canst
make me whole.

Then give me Saviour faith enough to

That trusting; I will give Thy wisdom
O Father, teach me always to
Thy power is mine, if I but pause to


On page 32 of Jan.-Feb. Issue regarding the picture of that
engine – I believe it’s a 20-45 Fairbanks-Morris. I threshed on
one 20 years ago. It was a one cylinder, and started on pulling
back on compression and flipping point breaker. I own a one
cylinder 25 hp International which looks a lot like it. Also 2
Rumely oil pulls. 30-60 large wheels and 30-60 small wheels.

J. W. TUCKER, 31 Fifteenth St. N.W., Portage La Prairie,
Manitoba, Canada


In Nov.-Dec. Issue on Page 5, Clarence O. Myers of South Bend,
Indiana wants to know who made the ‘Wide Awake Separator’.
Quick, J. Thomas, Auburn, New York, made it. Best Regards,

JOHN HINKLE, East Berlin, Pennsylvania


On the last page of your Jan.-Feb. ALBUM you show an old make of
tractor. From my old tractor Index this tractor looks like a
Capital 15-30 built by C. H. Dissinger and Brother Co.,
Wrightsville, Pennsylvania.

C. B. GULLEKSON, 908 Chestnut St., Grand Forks, North Dakota

I suppose by now you have received a number of identities of the
tractor illustrated on Page 32, Jan-Feb. issue of ALBUM. It is a
1911 – 15-25 hp. Fairbanks-Morse, with a one-cylinder horizontal,
open crankcase engine. Foot brake a band on drum of differential,
also a brake shoe on belt pulley. Water is pumped on a screen on
the house shaped radiator for the cooling system. (Am I right?)

WILLIAM A. SHUTT, Route 1, Box 319, Sugar Creek, Ohio

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