Picture This: Steam Traction Postcards

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Giants of steam: Case, Geiser, Reeves and Rumely engines work the land in these postcards mailed between 1910-1915. The Kelly Springfield Road Roller (left) working Kansas City’s Nelson Road stands in wonderful contrast to the evocative images of breaking the prairie.

The literature of steam can be as involving as
the machinery itself, a point perfectly illustrated by these
fabulous postcards and their lively depiction of steam traction
engines going through the daily machinations of working the

With the exception of the Kelly Springfield Road Roller, the
postcards focus on steam traction engines working the vast tracts
of the upper Midwest and West. Mailed out to friends and relatives
across the country, the cards are colorful, powerful reminders of
the past, capturing forever the energy and enthusiasm of pioneering
farmers and the machinery that helped them tame the West.

These postcards come from the collection of reader John
Davidson, an avid collector of steam and engine-related photos and
literature. John seeks out material at antique shops, book stores
and on eBay, and these postcards are just a sample of his wonderful

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