Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana, Inc., 11th annual Reunion
will be held August 7, 8, 9, 1959, at the Rush County Conservation
Club Grounds, located 1 mile east of Rushville, Indiana on state
road No. 44. A good showing of the old Steam Engines will be doing
their stuff as well as other old machinery of yesteryear. More
information at a later date. Make a date to be there. You will
enjoy yourself. For more information write to the Secretary.

April 4, 1959, election of officers and directors for 1959 was
the principle business of the evening. The voting was done by
secret ballot and the following officers and directors were

President, Ray Jones, Sunman, Ind., R. R. 2; Vice President,
Lawrence Porter, Rushville, Indiana R. R. 6; Treasurer, Anthony
Moorman, Greens-burg, Indiana R. R. 6; Secretary, John J.
Menchhofer, 3520 W. 12th St., Indianapolis 22, Indiana. Directors
for three years: Verl (Jack) Maple, Rushville Indiana, R. R. 1;
Ralph Shell-burne, 980 W. Pine St., Zionsville, Indiana; Paul
Alyea, Greenfield, Indiana R. R. 1. Directors for 2 years: Nelson
Howard, New Castle, Indiana R. R. 3; Paul Cole, Morristown, Indiana
R. R. 1; Eldon Myers, R. R. 17, Box 378, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Directors for one year: George Meister, 3545 Larkspur Ave.,
Cincinnati, Ohio; C. E. Ziegler, Greensburg, Indiana R. R. 1;
Anthony Hood, Rushville, Indiana R. R. 7.

Sandwiches, pie, coffee and soft drinks were served by the New
Salem High School to which all did ample justice. Attendance was
very good and all enjoyed the evening very much.

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