Port Huron Farm Tractors

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Starting in 1918, Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co. of Port
Huron, Mich., began manufacturing Port Huron 12-25 tractors,
weighing 5,700 pounds and using an Erd 4-by-6-inch bore and stroke,
vertical 4-cylinder engine. The tractor was rated to pull three
14-inch plows. It had four wheels, with the pair of rear drive
wheels 56 inches in diameter with a 10-inch face. The tractor’s
weight was listed at 6,200 pounds in 1920, when it sold for $1,700.
It used a variable speed friction drive, which provided variable
speeds from 1-7/8 to 4 MPH.

Advertisements stated, “The Port Huron Farm Tractor has been
designed for use all the year round. By this we mean it has been
designed for belt power as well as drawbar service. All gears are
enclosed and run in a bath of oil.” It was specially designed to
burn kerosene, the advertisement added. Tractor production ended in

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