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Frick Traction engine that I restored. Size 8 x 10, built July 1899. This picture was taken during a snow storm in western Pennsylvania, Feb. 4, 1961. It looks to me like a nice winter scene of the old steam traction engine waiting for the nice summer day
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This engine, named 'Perfection', was built by Savages of King's Lynn, Norfolk in 1887 and carries the maker's No. 364. Mr. H. E. Loveday of Old Buckenham, Norfolk is the owner and he says it could still do a days work if required. The Photograph
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Huber Steam Traction Engine, Serial No. 10350, built in 1913 and shipped new to Corydon, Indiana on August 9, 1913. Total weight was 20,100 lbs. This photo was taken on April 21, 1949 at the Titus Greenhouse.
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Here is a picture of my boys on my Advance Rumely, No. 14727. Taken in 1957.
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No data on this picture, but it is a pretty scene-especially the smoke outline-Anna Mae
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Frick Portable turned into a Traction engine owned and rebuilt by Mr. Gilbert Purdhan, Stanley, Virginia. Since this picture was taken Mr. Purdhan has extended the smoke stack above the canopy. He explained that the stack was fitted before the top was put
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This picture was taken while threshing the 1957 wheat crop on my farm five miles west of Muncie, Indiana. I am standing by the engine, a 16 HP Russell with a 3254 Huber Separator. I started threshing with a Gaar Scott rig in 1916 and only was out of it fo
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Here is a picture of the little steam engine I have been building this last year. It is a 2 cylinder, 3 inch bore and 4 inch stroke.
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This picture was taken at Maddison Lake, Minnesota in 1902. They cut 6000 feet of lumber and built a barn 60 x 120 for the owner.
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This engine is 3 ft. high, 6 ft. long, weighs 850 lbs., carries 175 lbs. steam, 6 gal. water, 100 lbs. coal and the engineer. The engine and governor were made by Kauer of Wichita, Kansas. The boiler and all other parts were made by Geo. Pohl, St. Johns,
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