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This picture of a Russell Engine, taken in 1954, at one time ran a saw mill near Ripley, Ohio.
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Here is a picture of a Beam, Large Coal Hopper, 21Barrel Tanks and 30-inch face Steel Drive Wheels with 10-inch Extension. With double tandem-compound cylinders.
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Morris Genshaw and his 11/2' scale Case at the Montrose Convention in July 1956.
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An Aultman-Taylor Separator built in 1875 which belonged to my Dad, Anthony Hood, Rushville, Indiana.
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This picture of a 16 HP Advance, Engine No. 12396, was taken at the S. E. Fair in 1956.
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BIG IRON MONSTER AND LITTLE PEOPLE:- Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Byers of Littlestown, Pa. show Mr. Byers ZZ Double Engine to Mr. & Mrs. Roland C. Hartman of 32 Maryland Avenue S.E., Washington 28, D.C. This ZZ engine is a double 8 x 10 Peerless and developes 120 ho
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My Cretor Popcorn and Peanut Machine, factory built on a Model 'A' Ford truck chassis.
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This is a picture of the official car at the Saginaw Valley Line Steam Association Convention, July 21, 1956. It is a 1901 Oldsmobile owned by Otto Frex, who is checking his watch for the noon whistle which was signaled through the mike by me. This blast
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A double cylinder plough engine, built about 1965.
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TWO OLD TIMERS 50 horse Case Engine built in 1908 and owned by Ralph W.Hull of East Berlin, RD 1, Pa. And 1912 Model T Ford owned by Herbert S. Archer of 8909 Yvonne Avenue, Baltimore 36, Maryland. Strutting their stuff at the Mason-Dixon Steam meet on
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Here is a picture of my 1/3 scale, 25 HP Gaar Scott which I built.
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Two Aultman-Taylor, 18 HP, single engines.
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Union Pacific 4884 No. 4004 at Holliday Park, Cheyenne, donated to the City of Cheyenne by the U.P. and moved here in June 1963.
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This picture was taken while plowing in Herford, Texas in 1910 with a 25 HP Huber, pulling 21 disc plows. Pulled 8-14' moulboard John Deere in breaking virgin sod.
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Taken at the 1963 show, Mechanics-burg, Ohio. Earl Logan's 12 hp Aultman & Taylor, built 1900. Mr. Logan is Chairman of the Richland County Steam Threshers Assn., Mansfield, Ohio. Buffalo-Springfield Roller in background.
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Aultman-Taylor Engine, 1884, rear axle forward of fire-box, wooden wheeled and bevel drive.
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This picture was taken at the end of a busy season in 1922. We are backing the rig into the shed. I was the engineer.
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I am disking com stalks with my little engine I made in 1960. The 'Mert Ed'. My German Shepherd 'Dude' is with me.
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