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Courtesy of Mr. Albert Hansens, R. 4, Champaign, Illinois. This is a picture of my 22-40 Allwork Tractor shelling corn at my farm on August 29, 1964. I am at the controls and my nephew is standing beside the sheller.
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Courtesy of Mr. L. R. Smith, Lock Box 253, Truro, Iowa. Here is a picture of a Reeves 32 HP cross compound I ran for the Gammel Bros. of Colome, South Dakota in 1910 in the Rosebud country in Tripp Co. With the twelve 14' breaker bottoms, steam lift
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Courtesy of Carl Erwin, Harrison, Arkansas Box 554, Threshing in Bob Macklin's pasture near Clearwater, Kansas in 1926. Carl Erwin was running the engine. Rumely rig.
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Courtesy of A. R. Mittan, Carpenter, Wyoming 82054. Picture was taken by Mrs. Mittan (with a No. 3 A folding Brownie camera) of threshing scene in action on the A. R. Mittan farm northwest of Carpenter, Wyo. August 15, 1964. Case 65 steam engine and 28-46
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Courtesy of Ralph Fuller, Minneapolis, Kansas.
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Courtesy of Mr. C. E. Shackle, Harlington, Hayes, Middlesex, England Tackle or ploughing by cable 1860. One engine with clip drum being employed, a self moving anchor being on the opposite headland.
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Courtesy of Mr. C. E. Shackle, Harlington, Hayes, Middlesex, England Messrs, T & F Howard, Bedford, brought out a cable ploughing engine with the engine located in the tender. By this means the boiler was relieved of strain and a direct gear drive could b
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Courtesy of Mr. Thomas Stebritz, 403 N. Woodworth St., Algona, Iowa. This picture was taken after threshing in 1952. I belted my 65 Case to dad's 28 x 44 Advance Rumely to clean it out after he had pulled his gas rig in from his run.
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Courtesy of Charles Schmidlin, St. Cloud, Minn. Here is a picture of my grandson Johnnie Emery with myself standing at the rear wheels of a Case Engine. This was taken at a steam engine threshing celebration at St. Cloud, Minnesota
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Courtesy of Ralph Fuller, Minneapolis, Kansas. This little portable is my pet. It is one 'fourth size and very close to scale. The engine was made by C. E. Kauer of Wichiga, Kansas. It is truly a beautiful engine and very powerful. I built the valve
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Courtesy of Joe Koutny, Route 1, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Chas. Vornholt, Solon, Iowa is the proud owner of this 22 x 40 Hubcr Separator threshing at his home. August 1964.

Sometime ago, I wrote you about a No. 1 that was stamped on a
small boiler that was given me by the son (who is now 81) of its
original owner. Your conclusion was that, the No. 1 was on the
steel from the factory when it was shipped to N. & S. at Battle
Creek, Well, this is a picture of that boiler restored and with a
five horse WACH engine mounted on it. I have not fired it yet, but
will do so this summer. This is the boiler of the portable engine
shown in the March-April 65 issue from Page 55 of ALBUM. This was a
Nichols & Shepard outfit and was used near Bennington, Kansas
before the turn of the century. I do not know the hp of the engine,
but my guess would be about an 8 hp. I have been written concerning
this picture shown in the Album, so it seems to have created
considerable interest.

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