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Courtesy of Carl Emge, 21-Orchard Lane, Churubusco Indiana 46723. A picture of my English engine and Baker fan that I made. The base is 1 X 4, the sides are of inch plywood. The blades for the fan, out of a peach can. The pulley is made out of a spool.
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Courtesy of Florian C. Karl, Jordan, Minnesota 55352. An 1889 steam fire engine as it appeared in the parade. The event featured several steam engines and separators, various early model tractors and gas engines, lath mill, shingle mill, drag saw, stump p
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Courtesy of Herbert St. Clair, Route 2 Mauston, Wisconsin 53948 A 20-60. Case built in 1912 and it is in very good shape. It is owned by Earl Anderson of Friendship, Wisconsin.
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Courtesy of Florian C. Karl, Jordah, Minnesota 55352. A group of youngsters and grownups, enjoying a wagon ride. Rides around the grounds were given each day for youngsters-Sponsored by the Scott-Carver Old Thresher's Association, this was the 4th Annual
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Courtesy of Leonard James, Napoleon, Michigan 49261. A 15 Hp. Case owned by Mr. Sherwood Fox of Napoleon, Michigan. Mr. Fox bought this engine this summer and has already had it to several parades and reunions.
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Courtesy of Eldon Myers, 5349 Guion Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46254. A picture of the Officers and Directors of the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana, Inc. These are the people that run the Show in August 1967.
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Courtesy of Robert J. Weier, 28200 Runert Weier, Warren, Michigan 48093. A 19-65 Port Huron Engine, serial 8234 in Warren Michigan. My father is the owner and I am the engineer.
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Courtesy of Robert L. Johnson, The Steam Engine Museum, Route no. 1, Box 265A, Rossville, Georgia 30741 Geiser RR traction engine shot taken just after purchase from original owner in Virginia. This is engine no. 9359, built in 1903; 7-1/2'' x 10''
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Courtesy of Bob Gregory, Berthoud, Colorado. A 30 Hp. Case, No. 21690.
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Courtesy of Robert L. Johnson, The Steam Engine Museum, Route no. 1, Box 265A, Rossville, Georgia 30741. Geiser RR traction engine getting up steam. May 13, 1967, for a day of sawing slabwood.
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Courtesy of Florian C. Karl, Jordan, Minnesota 55352. A scene showing one of the old steam engines and separator during the parade which was held each day. Some 5,000 persons attended the Old Time Threshing Bee near Jordan.

The Officers and Directors: left to right (front row), Roy
Mercer, Louisville, Kentucky; Wm. Meister, Indianapolis, Indiana;
Herman Nunnley, Lebanon, Indiana; Ray Jones, Sunman, Indiana,
President; Anthony Moorman, Greensburg, Ind; Treasurer; Eldon
Myers, Indianapolis, Indiana, Secretary and Mrs. Eldon Myers, helps
the Secretary; (Back rows) Lawrence Porter, Rushville, Indiana,
Vice-President; Roily Draut, Lawrenceburg, Indiana; Dr. Russell
Holmes, Louisville, Kentucky; Larry Ewbanks, Pleasantview, Indiana;
and Ralph Shelburne, Zionsville, Indiana.

Nelson Howard, New Castle, Indiana and Russell Coons, Rushville,
Indiana are not in the picture.

Courtesy of Robert L. Johnson, The Steam Engine Museum, Route
no. 1, Box 265A, Rossville, Georgia 30741. Heisler no. 2, taken at
Forest Products Chemical Company, Memphis, Tennessee on the day of
the auction-sale. The entire Forest Products plant was auctioned
off; the Heiser going to the Steam Engine Museum. Heisler is shop
number 1589, built August, 1929 and originally sold to the Fisher
Lumber Company; later bought by Forest Products. It weighs 46 tons
in working order, is standard gauge, with two cylinders 14′
bore, 12′ stroke. It was moved by lowboy, in one piece and on

Courtesy of Florian C. Karl, Jordan, Minnesota
and permission of Jordan Independent newspaper to
print the following 3 pictures of the Scott-Carver County Threshers
Association, August 5 and 6th, 1967. We thank Mr. Keith M. Thaves,
publisher of the Jordan Independent for allowing us to use

Picture no. 1

Picture no. 2

Picture no. 3

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