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Sawing lumber in Mason County, Illinois. Mill owned and operated by Rudolph Hohn, log bucker Jack Ackridge and off bearer, John Sutton (all deceased). Courtesy of F. H. Warnock, 422 Euclid Ave., Peoria Heights, Illinois 61614.
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Kjnzua Railroad Bridge, 210 feet high, over one half mile long, near Mt. Jewet, Pennsylvania on the Erie Railroad. It was built in 1882. Courtesy of Oscar L. Carson, Route 1, Pleasantville, Pennsylvania 16341.
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R. F. Somerville on 1905,12 HP Case Steam Tractor. Courtesy of R. F. Somerville, 12498-232 Street, Haney, B. C. CANADA.
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THE QUEEN OF STEAM Courtesy of Robert Rogers, Acres of Antiques, Cheraw, S. C. 29520.
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Outside view of Kitten engine No. 214on the left, in which Jake had her kittens, and our other Kitten engine No. 220 on the right with Alan New, owner of engine No. 214 and his brother, Jim New, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Al New, Maplewood Farm, Pendleton, Indi
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Embroidered cloth emblem to be worn on cap, shirt or jacket, 3'' x 4/4''. Orange, white, gold, blue, and black. As originals, reproduced by permission of Case Company. $1.50 each postpaid. M. E. Brison, Route 1, Box 192, Millers-port, Ohio 43046. F-73
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Another shot of the steam engine from a stern wheel steamboat. Courtesy of Thomas Court, Provincial Museum and Archives of Alberta,12845 102 Ave., Edmonton 40, Alberta, Canada T5N 0M6.
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Close-up view of Jake and her family in the empty fire-box of Kitten engine No. 214. Alan and his brother, Jim, had the grates out to clean the boiler and she got in through the ash door. Courtesy of Al New, R. R. 2, Box 56, Maplewood Farm, Pendleton, Ind

The Webbs, Ken and Marge, and The Humes, Sherwood and Gladys,
spent two weeks in Florida, one week attending Cheraw’s first
annual, and one at Myrtle Beach in 1970. Little change in’71
& 72. Big change in’73, CHERAW WILL BE BASE FOR A
MONTH’S VACATION. The know-how, can-do, and energy of these
steam loving Canadians is terrific. In 1971 Sherwood replaced a
bearing in our 10-20 Titan and Ken helped reflue our Peerless. This
year Ken fired the Farquhar while Sherwood entertained with
Steam-era color movies that resulted in many Buffs going to Milton
for the first time. Majorie (Mrs. Webb) was crowned SOUTH CAROLINA
QUEEN OF STEAM and was presented a Chime Whistle (for her
Minneapolis). She will again operate our Peerless (2) and Frick
April 27-28-29-73.

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