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Ernest Stinebring of Piper City, IL demonstrating steam power with his scale model Case.
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Photos courtesy of Brian Krog, RR #1, Box 124, Lake Benton, Minnesota 56149.
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This is a 22 HP Advance
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Jon Gould of Naperville, IL and Harry Woodmassey of Dowling, MI
as they prepare to belt up to the saw mill with their 1921 Port
Huron stationary engine.

This is an Aultman Taylor bevel gear drive engine.

Shows an Aultman-Taylor engine and Case separator, and members
of the Dye family: ‘Left to right, my uncle, Ira Dye, great
uncle Sherman Fawcett, great uncle Lee Fawcett, Charlie Fawcett,
Lee’s son, great uncle William Fawcett, grandfather William
Dye.’ Photo was taken August 4, 1900 in Fulton County,
Illinois, owner was Sherman Fawcett.

The unusual steam traction engine is known as the ‘Martin
Luther.’ The engine stands as shown in Swakopmund, S.W.A.,
Namibia, Africa, with a plaque which reads: ‘Remains of the
first steam tractor brought to south west Africa in 1896 by
Lieutenant Troost to operate a freight service between Swakopmund
and the inland. It came to a standstill here and thereafter became
known as Martin Luther.

Above is a 15 HP steam traction engine built in 1896 or 1897 by
M. Rumely Co., s/n 3587. The engine belongs to David J. Vanek, Jr.
of RR #3, Box 46, Lewistown, MT 59457, who would like to know the
exact year of manufacture if anyone knows. Vanek bought the engine
from Clyde Corley of Geraldine, MT in 1985; Keith Cox helped with
the restoration, which was accomplished with advice from Corley.
Vanek is only 22 years old and a licensed engineer.

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