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Here is a 1/8 scale Avery Undermounted built by L. L. Roos, Geneseo, Ill. It created more aws than anything we have seen on the show grounds. It led the parade at Pontiac. We have a complete description of it but it has been mislaid and for the present we
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William R. Armantrout, R. D. 1, Mulberry, Indiana says, I am sending you a picture of the 3 scale model Case engine I am building. I do not have it completed as yet but have it so I can play with it for the summer. Will finish it this winter.
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H. C. Grant's Case threshing outfit 1915. Engine is a 65 hp. and the number isover35,000.
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Courtesy of A. E. Price, Photographer, 420 N. Walnut St., Pontiac
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The speakers stand at Zehr's Reunion,1953. Railroad bells and whistles in the foreground. Dan S. Zehr, President, to the extreme left. Photo by A. E. Price, Photographer
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Threshing and baling at the same time as per 1909. Courtesy of Clayton Nolt, Landisville, Pa. The Pennsylvania folks have a better way of doing the same thing now. They turn the stacker to the side and a short drag carries the straw to the baler. The bale
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Clayton H. Holt of Landisville, Pa., in trouble with his Peerless. That was the big trouble with Threshing Rigs in Pennsylvania for many years. Now we have good bridges & no rigs
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The Peerless made by the Geiser Co., of Waynesboro, Pa., and now owned by Bolze Bros., Landisburg, Pa. This engine has been in the Bolze family for a long time and they had it rebuilt by the Arthur S. Young Company, of Kinzers, Pa.
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Courtesy of Geo. D. Winter, R. D. 1, Box 126, Pipestone, Minn.
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Courtesy of R. G. Pratt, Wentlea Capel St. Mary, Ipswich, Suffolk, England.
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Hardy Lindblads Case 60 hp. at Johnson's 1953 reunion. Note the pipes headed for the Case peep hole. That is Hardy's invention of a super heater. You should see the difference it makes. This is also the engine use din the silhouette picture in color on th
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Courtesy of Mr. T. H. Smith.
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Courtesy of R. G. Pratt, Wentlea, Capel St. Mary, Isswich, Suffolk, England.
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Our English Brethren have a DAY. S. J. Wharton's Burrell Show traction engine, takes its turn in front of the judges. The engine is decorated in honor of Coronation Year. This photo was taken at National Traction Engine Rally at Appleford.
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Farmer A. C. Napper's Burrell traction. This won the race in the class for tractors. Mr. Napper was the originator of the traction engine racing in England. Many do not like it. Others think it fun. Photo Courtesy of Appleford Berns

Case 36×58–No. 42054. My brother and I bought this separator in
1905 when we were boys and used it until 1944. Forty seasons.
Threshed almost 21/2 million bushels of
grain. Still in good condition. Have it in a shed.

Walter Williams, one of the last steam  threshermen in
England and the very last one in these parts. Here he is on his
Marshall (running like a clock) having a chat with Michael Salmon,
himself a driver although not like Walter. He does not do it for a
living–only as a Hobby.

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