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Courtesy of B & D Kleinschmidt, 196 South Seymour St., Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935 This is one of the scenes of the horsepower in use at our show in 1966. Ponies furnished by Ray Cook of Evansville, Wisconsin.
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Courtesy of Neil R. Erickson, 2113 E. Wheeler Road, Midland, Michigan 48640 This is our Advance-Rumely Engine that we believe to be a 20-60 horsepower. It has the ''Advance'' picture on the smoke-box door and is lettered M.
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Courtesy of Robert G. Schaudel, King Mountain Ranch, Birney, Montana 59012
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Courtesy of Harry Hall, 223 High St., S.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102 Visitors and Engineers watch and listen as a 65 hp. Case talks ''real loud'' to further tightening of the adjustment on the Prony-Brake. Annual Antique Engine and Thresher's Associa
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Courtesy of R. Dayton Nichols, 6128 Route 5, Stafford, New York 14143 This is Charles Hitchcock's Steam Engine with the following information: Boiler - 20 hp. Leffel Buttstrap, 1929 made in Springfield, Ohio. He purchased it in Port Byron, N. Y. where it
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Courtesy of Herbert Huck, R.D.1, Lowell, Ohio 45744 This is a picture of the sawmill yard. This picture was taken in the early twenties, in the horse and buggy days. Note the buggy above the barn, also the men rolling logs up to the mill. This is where I
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Courtesy of D. E. Rutter, 35 Newlands Lane, Chichester, Sussex, England Aveling and Porter 8 Ton Roller No. 10632 Built 1923 ''Thor'' Owned by P. J. and T. M. Abbott of Lyndhurst.
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Courtesy of Jacob P. D. Tiessen, R. R. 1, Abbotsford, B. C, S. Frazer This steam locomotive came through Abbotsford last summer. I looked that engine over from bottom to the too. The cylinders are underneath. You will notice the. side rods only. I was in
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Courtesy of Robert G. Schaudel, King Mountain Ranch, Birney, Montana 59012 These pictures - one from each side - of an Avery separator, No. 21243. It is one of the first steel separators Avery built. I completely rebuilt this separator so it looks and run

Rumely Co. around the door frame. The engine number plate is
missing. Can anyone please tell me where I can find the engine
number so I can find out the age, boiler pressure rating and

It runs good and we plan a community threshing activity this

Courtesy of Guy P. Laubis, R. R. 1, Kenton, Ohio 43326 This is a
postcard shot of me and my engine, a Frick double cylinder,
manufactured by the Frick Company of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, in
1926. It is state inspected each year for 150 lbs. of steam
pressure and is in top working condition. This photo was taken in
July of 1966 at the Richland County Steam Show, Mansfield, Ohio. I
am the owner of the engine.

This engine was at the National Threshermen’s Show &
Reunion for two years, Montpelier and Wauseon, Ohio, one year at
the Miami Valley Show at Urbana, Ohio, and three, years at the
Richland County Steam Show at Mansfield, Ohio.

My Father and Grandfather Laubis threshed all over the country,
having owned and run two outfits at one time. They also had a cider
mill and a clover huller. Grandfather’s first steam engine was
a portable Huber, manufactured in Marion, Ohio.

For a number of years I have done the solo for the church
service at the National Show, also at Urbana and Mansfield.

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