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Courtesy of Earle S. Eckel, Sr., R.R.I, Box 66, Highway 24, Wash., N. J. A 1903 Stanley Steam Car - 6 hp. engine 2'' x 3 1/2'' and 6 1/2 hp. Boiler 14'' x 13.''
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Courtesy of Howard Miller, Jadwin, Missouri 65501 This is a picture of Little Junior taken at a timber show at Salem, Missouri. It was made from scrap parts about the Swartz salvage yard by Howard Miller and S. Frank Swartz. Not fashioned after any make o
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Courtesy of Frank Gromley, R. D. 1, Box 247, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 15001 This is a Scheidler Engine and an Aultman-Taylor threshing machine. They were formerly owned by Beatty Brothers, Hanover Twp. in Beaver Co., Penna. This engine is now at Kinzers, P
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Courtesy of Ted Spencer, 6141 W. Fairgrove Road, Fairgrove, Mich. 48733 This shows some of the engines I have built. I had built five but have sold two of them. The smallest one was built in 1964 and was tested by government at 200 lbs. cold water test an
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Courtesy of Joseph R. Ernst, 57 Fiddis Ave., Pontiac, Michigan 48058 This is also a model. They are made mostly out of wood and have an electric motor that runs the. engine and separator. This picture was taken inside with a light.
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Courtesy of Eber Stautamoyer, 2101 West Ninth Street, Muncie, Ind. 47302 This picture is thought to be of the last Steam Wrecker of Nickel Plate Line of St. Louis to Cleveland. It is being; junked.
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Courtesy of John C. Shepherd, Drakesville, Iowa 52552 This photo taken in 1943 of 1918 Wood Brothers Gaar-Scott Mill.
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Courtesy of Joseph R. Ernst, 57 Fiddis Ave., Pontiac, Michigan 48058 This is another model that I made.
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Courtesy of George Stankus, R. 1, Box 15, Hiram, Ohio 44234 This is a picture of the steam boat I built. It took five years of my spare time to build. It has a vertical engine, 3x4 stroke. The hull is made of stainless steel 1/16'' thick. It is five feet
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Courtesy of Herbert Huck, R.D.1, Lowell, Ohio 45744 The Scheidler steam engine from the back. These two men on the engine are cousins. They look happy about something.

The smallest one weighs 4400 loaded with coal and water and
ready to run. I have bailed hay, cut wood with it and it has been
to three reunions. The other two have been in parades and have
sawed wood. They are all stored in a good shed that used to be my
sawmill shed.

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