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Sawyer Ray Crosby and assistant Abie E. Johnson demonstrate.
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1913 25-75 Case. Part of ''Pioneer Acres'' stock on its way to a local Sports Day. On display August 12 and 13, 1972, twelve miles East of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Courtesy of Arlo Jurney, F3-Kings-land Trailer Court, 520-75 Avenue S. W., Calgary, Albe
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Pictured above is the photo of the engine for a model Avery 18 HP under-mounted steam tractor that I am building. The scale is 3 inches per foot. I am at present working on the boiler. I also have a 2 inch per foot Avery model and sawmill that I operate e
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1909 Buffalo-Springfield Roller, 16 HP owned by Abram Warner, Washington Boro, Pennsylvania. In background is a 50 HP 1922 Case owned by Howard W. Davis, 230 Ferndale, Ferndale, Maryland. Picture taken during the week following the show at Williams Grove
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Horizontal shingle mill owned by Richard N. Wise, South Dayton, New York.
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A Port Huron 19 HP engine belonging to Walter and Leonard James, 1923. Picture taken north of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Mrs. Maude James standing beside engine.
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This scene is Jesse Halbrouck's threshing outfit. Courtesy of Leonard James, Napoleon, Michigan 49261.

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