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Fowler Compound Plowing Engine, Cable System, at work 1949. The photo is by R. G. Pratt, Wentlea, Capel St. Mary, Ipswich, England. The owner is John Patten, Bishop's Stortford, Essex, England. Mr. Patten has 5 sets of them. Three sets are still in use.
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The 60 ft. tower used to drill Artesian wells. Moved from place to place with the big Holt. See F. Hal Higgins article
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Heilman Traction Engine No. 862. 12 hp. Pictured in 1892 on the farm of Mr. Daniel Kuhn, Edwardsville, III., who was the third owner. This engine was used for threshing and sawing, and the boiler was later used for many years as a heating plant in a large
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Close up of the Big Holt Steamer. See F. Hal Higgins Article.

Here is the engine Mr. J. S. Fatler of Litchfield, Minn., built
and some very interested visitors. Reading from left to right are:
Mr. L. D. Bauman, a dispatcher on the Great Northern Railroad, at
Willmar, Minn.; Mrs. L. D. Bauman; Mr. P. E. Peterson; Mrs. P. E.
Peterson, the Petersons are from 149 Ella Ave., E., Willmar, Minn.
The engine is a 5 hp. Fatler. Never heard of it? Mr. Fatler has not
gotten into production yet but if he ever does we will say this
much without seeing it, that it is the right size to have a lot of
fun and pleasure.

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