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Vic Wintermantel, Box 4200, Bellevue, Pa., doing a little engineering on a threshing job for Morgan Hill, Linesville, Pa. This is a 16 hp. Farquha Style K, Serial No. 19483, and owned by Morgan Hill. Scene took place July 30, 1955. Photo by Dick Winterman
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Taking on water for the boiler of the Log Hauler. Eight sled loads could be hauled at one trip or about 7 or 8 thousand feet of lumber. Owned by the Broockes and Ross Lumber Co., of Boulder, Wisconsin. Courtesy of Grant McCurdy, R. D. 4, New Castle, P
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The Log Hauler hauling water to build ice roads for the Broockes and Ross Lumber Co., Boulder, Wisconsin, in 1927. Perry McCurdy is doing the steering. Courtesy of Grant Mc Curdy, R. D. 4, New Castle, Pa.
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Room furnishings of a home in the 18 60's as displayed at the Mt. Pleasant Reunion in 1955. Mr. Leo R. Clark of Washington, Illinois, was the photographer.
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12 hp. Advance pulling on the belt. Owned by Ray Hutley, R. D. 3, Moscow, Idaho. Ray says he had three days threshing in 1954 and hopes to have 10 or 12 next harvest. He also has a 15 Case and a 22 Advance. He further adds, that the ALBUM is a fine magazi
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1904 Huber of 25 hp. and a Huber 36-60 threshing rig. Owned, by J. J. Huston, Holdrege, Nebraska. Mr. Huston says that in 1903 he fired a Buffalo Pitts 16 hp. straw burner on laborers pay. From 1904 on for 45 seasons he has been owner and operator of lar
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Photos of an actual Model Tiny Power, Box 218, Corvallis, Oregon, built for a customer in Ohio. We like the measuring stick. A good workman deserves good tools.
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Slide valve study of Case 10 hp. portable engine No. 611 and owned by Morgan Hill, Linesville, Pa. Photo by and courtesy of Dick Wintermantel Box 4200, Bellevue, Pa.
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A saw mill demonstration at the Miami Valley Steam Threshers Association this past summer (1954). Elmer W. H. Egbert at the controls with Le Roy Blaker observing. Courtesy of C. L. Chafee, Brecksville, Ohio.
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Scene from the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion,1954. The big Gaar Scott at work with part of the large crowd watching. Courtesy of N. B. Nelson, Hawley, Minn.
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80 Case and a 40x62 thresher on the home farm of J. J. Huston, Holdrege, Nebraska, in 1918.
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Fourteen hp. Double cylinder Oshkosh Hog built in Oshkosh, Wis., about 1880. The boiler had 150 tubes, road speed from three to twelve miles per hour depending upon the load. The link reverse actuated the cylindrical slide valve of this fine traction engi
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An interesting Early Days scene of a Minnesota Giant portable engine in action at Cottage Grove, Minn. Does any reader know the history of this engine or any information concerning any of the individuals? Photo copy by Dick Wintermantel, Box 4200, Bellevu
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John Luikart, R. D. 1, Rittman, Ohio. It is a Peerless engine and a Gaar Scott thresher. John is leaning against the drive wheel. The picture was taken in 1915. We would like to comment that as we know the Peerless engine it would have a good time pulling
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The most important man on the job . So says Geo. D. Winter, R. D. 1, Box 126, Pipestone, Minnesota.
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10 hp. O. S. Kelly traction owned by Eddie A. Reisner and Son, Rose Hill, Illinois. It originally had wood wheels but iron has replaced them. It needs some repairs but it is the only one we know of so we feel it would be a museum piece.
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